David Wireman LMTFor some MTTI graduates, the time during massage school is not only educational but transformational. Many students undergo a profound shift and a period of intense personal growth during the journey that is becoming a massage therapist. Those students find that learning to become a healer often means first healing yourself.

David Wireman was in CLASS #44 at MTTI. When he came to school, he was 100+ lbs overweight, recently retired from the US Army, and suffering from a number of health issues. “I went through a big transformation in school. I was heavy and I lost 110 lbs. I was on high blood pressure pills, and pain pills because of my back and spine where I’ve got some plates and screws.” David’s wife had also recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, which for a nurse of 17 years, David says was “a big slap in the face.”

In the process of learning how to help others out of pain, David and his wife also embarked on a journey to heal themselves. “It was a wonderful journey to go to school – I learned so much about the human body, it’s unbelievable. And about myself – to heal myself, pretty much. My wife and I both went through a journey together. We went Paleo and became healthier. I turned 50 last year and I feel like I’m 25, it’s really awesome, I was just tired of living in pain myself, and to help others out of pain is wonderful.

The energy from my clients is great. I actually love to come to work. I’ve never LOVED to come to work, and now it’s not like work, it’s not like a job. It’s something I love to do and am passionate about. MTTI completely changed my life.”