Introducing Shelby Schue

Shelby Schue grew up in Bedford, New York. She has lived in many States and has traveled the world. In 1970, while raising her three children, Shelby was considered a pioneer when she opened her own health food store in Vermont. This was a concept new to most people. Customers sought out her whole grain flours, which she milled in the back of the store. She also made and sold her own granola.

It was during this time that Shelby began her journey into wellness. In addition, in the early 70s Shelby started practicing foot reflexology on friends and family. However, it wasn’t until the late 70s that she trained with the Ingham International Institue of Reflexology. From that point, her venture blossomed through promoting the practice on radio and television. In 1985, she continued to extend her knowledge even further while traveling to New Zealand and studying under a healer who shared her knowledge of both Reflexology and Iridology, fueling her love for Reflexology even further.

Shelby is very pleased to see this valuable practice being revered in this country. People are realizing the benefits, not only for on-the-spot healing, but also using Reflexology as a preventative for many ailments. Shelby does not diagnose, but she can give people a good idea of where congestion is located in the body.

In 1994, Shelby moved to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico and is currently practicing out of her beautifully restored historic adobe home. Surrounded by lovely gardens, it’s an oasis of peace and tranquility which emanates as soon as you enter.

In 2013, Shelby became a board member of the New Mexico Association of Reflexologists.