I think at this point we can all agree that everything is energy in one form or another. From there, our collective agreement gets a little murky. Our individual understandings of how things work are as unique as we are. Here is how I understand it: All is energy vibrating at vastly different speeds, interplaying with itself. We are alive by directing the flow and vibration of energy, whether consciously or unconsciously. We need to be in the flow of energy exchange to be alive. How we process energy directly impacts our experience. The quality of the vibrations we take in effects the energy of the whole system. Vibrational healing tools work to harmonize healthy vibrations and clear stagnant or sluggish energy.

The effectiveness of the tool depends on both the energy of the tool and the energy of the field it is to work with, just as the effect of a pebble dropped into a lake depends on the energy of both the pebble and the lake. The effect of the pebble is dependant on the vibrational condition of the lake as well as the size of the pebble. It has a much bigger effect when the lake is still, rather than at a time when it is choppy- full of energy from the wind showing up as waves. When your energy field can get to that place of complete peace and stillness, the more subtle vibrations of crystals are palpable. From that place, their effects can be profound. A reorganization takes place at a deep energetic level that allows for a smoother, clearer flow – like a tiny pebble on a calm day.

It is similar to watching a wrinkled or ironed flag blowing in the breeze. The wrinkled one struggles to be in the unrestricted flow of the vibration of the wind. Energy is consumed within it to remove the wrinkles. Over time, the wrinkles will come out, given enough energy from the wind. When the wrinkles come out, there is less resistance within the flag to the flow, and it can be seen in the way it moves. The energy layers of the body are similar. Energy is used up internally when there is tension or resistance in the body. When these “wrinkles” are removed, the energy that was tied up holding those stationary patterns in place is then available for other things.

I believe the quartz crystal singing bowls are such powerful vibrational tools, in part, because they work on so many different layers at once. First, they are breathtakingly beautiful. I have had the great pleasure and honor of introducing dozens of people to them for the first time. Just seeing them will most often cause a slight gasp and an audible awe, and I can feel the energy shift. They become open, curious, and seem to walk a bit lighter, just from seeing them. When the sunlight is pouring in on them, they are just brilliant. They seem to sparkle and glow at the same time.

The sound they produce is a delight to the ears, as the vibrations dance around and interplay with each other. The intensity of the subtle differences of the sound being heard brings internal awareness, and smoothes out the wrinkles of the layer of the body that hears. Just as it can be impossible to have a conversation hi a very noisey place, when a layer of the body’s energy field is already full of commotion, it cannot take in any more information, and it must be quieted before it can become clear.

In addition to hearing the sound interplaying in your ears, the vibrations are felt in the body. Perhaps it is the concurrent experience of hearing and feeling the same vibrations that connect the mind and body that makes these quartz crystal singing bowls such a powerful tool. Each bowl is tuned to resonate with a chakra – energy center, and allows for a fine-tuning of the energy field – producing slight variations within a very specific range of frequencies. They are also tuned to each other to create a balanced system. I really enjoy using the bowls both for my own vibrational alignment and sharing them with others.

As a vibrational tool, I use the quartz crystal singing bowls as I do any other sound healing tool, metal singing bowls, ting-shas, flutes, drums, rattles, even two stones taping together or the sound of my own voice. I attach the love/light to the sound so that it not only penetrates, but also brings love/light to the area it reaches. I can hear the difference as the love/light reaches the blockages or “wrinkles” and clears them: the sound changes and also becomes clear and bright.

During a group healing I walked around with a metal singing bowl and cleared and balanced each person’s energy field. I was amazed at the response after the process was complete; as each participant shared her experience – they were all in agreement. They had physical sensations of the clearing while I was working with them, which I expected, but also they could hear and feel from across the room the work I was doing for others. This surprised and delighted me.
Being able to hear the changes in the quality of the sound as it interacts with another’s energy helps to bring the invisible energy field surrounding the body into the realm of perception. By using tools that translate the energy field and the movement of energy in a way that we can use senses that we already trust to experience energy flow, we gain confidence in our ability to sense and interpret the more subtle vibrations within and around us.

Vibrational tools can be made of anything because everything is energy and it vibrates. There are definitely materials that I have found to work better than others. Choosing which tools to use depends then on both the vibration of the tool and the energy field in which it is to work. Some tools transmit energy, and others absorb it. Often, it is necessary to prepare the energy field to receive the subtle energies by causing the stillness so that the effects can be experienced. Regardless, we will work together to find the tools and methods necessary to restore optimal flow and bring your energy field back into balance.

Rachel Eckenrod has her bachelor’s degree in human development and chemistry from University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, has been trained as a Yamuna Body Rolling Instructor, is a graduate of Blue Sky School of Professional Massage & Therapeutic Bodywork, and is a Reiki Master Teacher.